How to book group ticket in Qatar Airways?

Is group booking available on Qatar Airways?

Would you like to make a  Qatar Airways Group booking for a special occasion? Then you need to know about the Qatar Airways group travel tickets. Group travel can be used if ten or more people need a reservation. With Qatar Airways group booking, you can also get various perks. Go through this article to learn everything about group travel on Qatar Airways.

What is Qatar Airways Group booking?

Group booking is made when ten or more people who are planning to go on a trip or any other occasion can book their tickets once at a time rather than booking the tickets individually. Here are the types of group booking.

  • For wedding
  • For school or college trip
  • Sports 
  • Family booking
  • Music and so on

Qatar Airways Group Booking Contact Informations;

To arraange Qatar Airways Group booking you need to contat Qatar Airways Group Travel:

Qatar Airways Group booking Phone number: 1-786-232-0461

Email address:

Hours of Operation: 09:00H-20:00H EST, Monday to Friday

How do I book Group flight tickets on Qatar Airways?

Through Form:

The group booking process is not similar to the online booking reservation; you need to fill in the form to make the group booking. You do not have to worry if you have never done your group booking before. The steps to make a group booking are given in simplified steps. Use the step as a reference to make the booking.

  • Visit and login account on Qatar Airways official website or dial
  • Then you need to go to the booking option.
  • Once you are on the booking page, you need to give the size of your group.
  • Now give the details of the passengers who are traveling. You need:
    • Passengers' first and last names
    • Age and gender
    • Name of the head of the group
    • Email address
    • Passport details if you are traveling internationally
  • Fill in the form with the correct and required details.
  • Now enter the destination and arrival points along with the travel dates.
  • Lastly, check the form and submit it.

You can also contact the customer service of Qatar Airlines for the Qatar Airways group request form and fill it out. If you prefer the help of the support team, you can easily get the customer service number on the contact page of Qatar Airlines.

The benefits of group booking:

There are various benefits that are offered for the Qatar Airways group booking tickets. Here are a few benefits that you can make use of.

Fares and offers:

When you make a group reservation, you get various discounts and offers for the booking you are making on Qatar Airways. By this, you can save a huge amount on your travel expenses.

Deferred payment:

You can also make the payment later for your group booking. You are allowed seven days for your payment for the flight tickets. And this time frame, you can also make the changes or add any other passengers.

Seat reservations:

You can also allot seats for the passengers even though the list is not fully completed. You make a Qatar Airways group request for the seat reservation and pick the desired seats.

Stopover packages:

You can also request the airlines for visa arrangements if you are traveling for one or more destinations with Qatar Airways.

Extra luggage:

You do not have to make any extra charges for extra luggage. You are permitted to take more luggage, but make sure to confirm with the airlines so that you don't face any inconvenience at the time of boarding.

Special meals:

On request, you can also get special meals on board. You can contact the customer service of the airlines and request special meals for your group.

Customer service:

If you have any further doubts or if you need the Qatar Airways group booking phone number, you can use the official reservation number +1-877-777-2827 and get the help that is needed for the group booking process.

You can use the above information to make the group booking on Qatar Airways. You can also go through the FAQs provided on group travel if you have any doubts, or you can directly contact the customer service.

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