How to communicate with United Airlines San Francisco Office(SFO)?

How do I contact United Airlines at SFO Airport?

Often passengers have multiple queries such as the status of the flights, parking rates, status flights, etc., due to which they want to communicate with the representatives of airlines available at the airport. Most airlines allow representatives at airports, and United Airlines is one of them; traveling with these airlines will help travelers avail of different services. If any traveler is willing to travel with United Airlines from San Francisco International Airport but wants to resolve any query. In that case, they can communicate on United Airlines SFO Airport contact number. Read below if they need details about connecting to SFO airport. 

Important United Airlines at SFO Airport Contact details;

United Airlines San Francisco Contact Numbers;

Multiple passengers travel with SFO airport regularly. To manage those passengers and provide solutions to their queries, they provide different contact numbers. To know about these numbers, read below;
For General queries: 800.435.9736 or 650.821.8211/1-800-864-8331
For the lost and found department: 650.821.7014
For COVID-19 hotline: 650.821.8205
For Airport Parking: 650.821.7900
For baggage shortage: 650.877.0422
For Airport paging: 800.435.9736
For Wi-Fi support: 855.415.9434
For U.S customer and border protection: 650.837.2876
For United Airlines: 800.538.2929
IATA code: SFO

Contact United at SFO Airport by email: 

If you want to send your queries by composing an email, you can click on this SFO, and within 24 hours, you will get solutions.

What is the mailing address of SFO Airport?

If you have any query-related document you want to share with the representatives of United Airlines, then you can also use the mailing option. To send your query by email, you must use the address below. 
"San Francisco International AirportPO Box 8097San Francisco, CA 94128-8097"

What terminal is allotted to United Airlines at SFO international airport?

The United Airlines SFO Terminals is Terminal 3. Still, sometimes the terminal gets changed due to weather issues or Air traffic, so you can confirm the terminal by communicating with the airline's representatives.

Is SFO international airport operates 24 hours? 

There are several passengers whose flight departure time is mid-night or early morning, so to manage those passengers, the SFO representatives are available 24 hours.

How do I send the complaint to the lost and found department at SFO international airport?

After reaching the airport, you can send your complaint to their representative if you lose any property or your luggage needs to be found. For this, you can call on this number 650.821.7014 or use this link to compose an email. 

Through the above, you will be able to Contact United Airlines at SFO Airport. Still, if you have any queries left, you can send your query by composing an email. 

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