Can I get my money back from Thai Airways?

Will I get my money back from THAI Airways?

Thai Airways understands the need of its passengers and therefore allows them to cancel their flight at any time or sometimes due to unusual conditions flight is canceled in Thai Airways. They will also provide a refund according to the terms and conditions of Thai Airways' refund policy. If you look at the Thai Airways Refund policy, then you will realize that they have kept the cancellation charges as low as they can so that the passengers do not get a very low refund. The terms and conditions of the refunds are customer-friendly. You can follow the given instructions to know more about their refund policy:

Terms and Conditions of Thai Airways Refund:

  1. If passengers had refundable tickets then, Thai Airways provide a full refund to the passenger.
  2. If You had a partially-refundable ticket or non-refundable ticket, then there is partial chance to get your money back from Thai Airways.
  3. If you request to Thai Airways refund within 24 hours of cancellation then you can get a full refund.
  4. If the flight is canceled by airlines then also you will get Thai airway's full refund.
  5. In case your flight has been delayed by more than four hours, then you can either choose their next flight or get a refund from THAI Airways.
  6. If you have made the cancellation for a disabled person and infant under one year, you will get a full refund.

How do I get a refund from Thai Airways?

If you need to get money back from Thai airways apply on the official website and email and on +66 2-356-1111.

  1. Login to the website of Thai Airways.
  2. Go to “My Bookings”.
  3. Enter credentials like; booking number and passenger's last name.
  4. Select canceled flight tickets from the dashboard.
  5. Choose the option “Request Refund” for canceled Thai airways flight ticket.
  6. Fill out the Thai Airways Refund form and submit it.

Soon you will get a notification regarding Thai Airways refund status on your registered email and phone number.

How long it will take to back my money from THAI Airways?

If the ticket is purchased by cash or check then THAI will get back your money within 20 days and 7 days to issue a refund to the credit card issuer if eligible for refunds that purchased made by credit card.

Thai Airways allows its passengers to cancel their flight at any time and ask for a refund. They have kept the terms and conditions of the policies simple and easy to understand. If you have any doubt related to the refund, then you can reach Thai airways refund contact number. They will guide you according to their refund policy. Thai Airways have shown neutrality by forming a refund policy which is useful for both the customers and the airlines.

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